You might have heard someone talk about numerology or seen a publication about it. Numerology has been practiced for centuries now. Ideally, it is a game of numbers about your life that can be used to explain and predict things that happen in your life. Numerology is a fascinating subject that has gained a huge following in recent years. As more and more people embrace it, so do the questions about it increase. That said, here are some answers to common concerns about numerology.

FAQs about numerology

Which name should be used to calculate a numerology chart?

Most people are not very sure about the role played by the name used in numbers on a circlesnumerology. As such, it is common to find a question like, should I used my birth certificate name or my current name? Well, the name to used depends on the type of numerology practice. Western numerology places emphasis on birth certificate names while the Chaldean numerology uses the current name considering that it carries the strongest vibration about our lives.

Is it necessary to know the time and place of birth?

Ideally, the time and place of birth is usually a requirement for astrology. When it comes to numerology, what is important is your name and the date of birth. When providing this information, you need to ensure that every detail you provide is correct. As such, double check and ensure you provide the right information before making your calculations. As much as possible, avoid guesswork.

Are certain numbers better than others?

Number 2 with designNo number is superior to the other. However, all have unique challenges and lessons. The main idea behind living is to learn from your challenges before realizing your purpose. Your attitude is what determines how long your problems lasts. The sooner you overcome these challenges, the sooner you will improve the quality of your life.

Which numerology system is the best? Western or Chaldean?

Well, both systems are good, and none is superior to the other. The only difference between these two systems is the values they give to the numbers they give to the letters. Of course, chaldean numerology is older, but that should not form a basis for consideration. Therefore, the style you go for depends on your personal preferences. If you are yet to decide on the style to use, you need to take your time and explore the variations in these two systems. The ultimate choice should be a matter of personal preference.