Pond BridgeJapan is one of the Asian countries that has risen to become one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the world today. Though small in size as compared to other Asian countries like China and India, Japan has made significant strides both in their manufacturing and hospitality industries thus enabling it to become a world opinion shaper in many aspects.

According to Attraction Japan, the country’s┬ámagnificently developed cities and very interesting and exotic locations make it an ideal location and destination where an individual can spend a vacation. With the help of online travel service providers, you can book a flight to Japan and get acquainted with a charming East experience. But before that, below we highlight the factors that one has to know or has to put into consideration before they board a flight to the land on the sun as it is popularly referred to.

So put the following into consideration to ensure that you have a memorable vacation in Japan:

Climatic conditions of Japan

Anybody who has a good knowledge of world locations knows that Japan lies in the temperature zone, thereby the mercury varies from the north to the south. The climate varies from city to city depending on where it is located. Therefore if you want to have the experience of the entire nation to the fullest, fill your bags with both woolen clothes for the cold climate and don’t also forget to pack the lighter ones for the summer before boarding your flight to Japan.

Not to miss destinations in Japan

Though assuming the status of a superpower, Japan and Japanese people at large have preserved their culture, and they take a lot of pride in exhibiting their cultural heritage. So below are some destinations that one can visit and have a memorable experience while in Japan:

1. Tokyo

What other ideal places to begin the countries tour if not in the capital city of the country. Here you will witness scenic beauties as well as architectural marvels which will make your visit to Japan a memorable experience. Immediately you land at the city’s international airport you’ll have a feel for the cultural diversity in the historical and cultural trends.

The sites that one can visit here include Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as Kamakura where one will surely have a glimpse of Japan’s best shrines and temples.Tokyo Street

2. Kyoto

The major reason why Kyoto attracts a big number of tourists is the fact that it has a presence of some exclusive world heritage sites.one of the major advantage you will gain by visiting this city is that you will get a perfect idea about the feudal history of Japan.

3. Mt Fuji

This is a secret mountain in Japan and climbing its trail is considered to be a ritual among the Japanese people. An individual is therefore asked to make prior inquiries and seek special permission from the concerned authorities if they want to visit this magnificent mountain.