The commercial trucking industry is experiencing a growing trend in recent years but it still needs more professional drivers in order to move forward. Various recent reports show that the employment rate for truck drivers will go up by almost 10% in 2018. Additionally, the salaries are also expected to rise, especially for those who have extensive experience in the industry.


If you are interested in entering the field of truck shipping services, you will have to properly prepare yourself for the job and all the challenges that go with it. One of the most important and critical requirements that you should first meet involves obtaining a CDL ( Commercial Driver’s License). To get this license, you will have to enroll at one of many truck driving courses, which are usually offered by vocational schools and pass the final, certification exam.

Learn about the courses

Man Driving na comfortable truck sitBefore you choose a course, make sure to do some research in regards to the available courses and schools in your area. You need to be absolutely certain that you are enrolling in a legitimate, official institution, one that provides a full, comprehensive CDL training course. This way, you will fully prepare yourself for the career that lies ahead and make your future job search much easier.

Also, do not forget to learn more about various trucking companies in order to find out about their needs and specific requirements. By informing yourself about these requirements, you will know exactly how to focus your education and training and prepare better for the jobs that certain companies offer.

Experienced drivers without CDLs

There are cases, however, where a trucking company is willing to hire an experienced driver, even without a CDL. In such a case, the company will pay for his/her training and cover all the expenses at a truck driving school. This is an extremely good option for those drivers, who have sufficient experience and a good record, but, for some reason, still do not have a CDL. On the other hand, some companies may even opt to hire students, who have only recently finished a training course they approve of, and subsequently repay for your tuition.

Inform yourself about the job specifics

Another good idea would be to learn more about the work settings for truck drivers and the benefits that many companies usually offer. Always remember that the job of truck driving can sometimes be very difficult and that you may have to travel very long distances, as well as be away from your loved ones for extended periods of time. The knowledge of what you can expect from your job will make it much easier for you to prepare for your future career. Also, do not forget to get in touch with some other truck drivers and talk to them, so as to get first-hand information.

Additionally, try to do some research about the CDL courses and schools that various companies prefer. Doing this will make your choice of school much easier and increase your chances of getting hired once you have passed all exams. The best and simplest way of doing this would be to visit the websites of the companies you have chosen.

A clean driving record

LapTop KeypadFinally, before you actually apply for a certain truck driving position, make sure that your driving record is clean and that you are both emotionally and physically fit. Many companies are quite strict about these requirements, and they usually do not think twice before rejecting the applicants who do not meet these requirements.